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The Korgis performing at The Lewes Con Club, 5th April 2024

Taking a whirl back in time, The Korgis took us on a musical and audio/visual journey though the songs and bands that influenced them. They put their own unique spin on songs by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, the sublime harmony of Simon and Garfunkel, the wry humour of 10cc, the quirkiness of Buggles, the creativity of Peter Gabriel and of course, songs of peace and hope from themselves.

James, John and Al spoke about and played, the music that influenced the big Korgis and Stackridge songs like ‘Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime, If I Had You, Bringing Back the Spirit of Love, If It’s Alright With You Baby and Something About The Beatles'. 

The Korgis try to recapture their youth – and perhaps ours – in a musical journey that tweaked the memories.
Review of the evening is here <<<

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