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Britain's largest Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) event - March 1st through to 5th.

A celebration which showcases Hastings’ thriving music scene – opening its doors to a wealth of musical talent, from skiffle inspired renditions of modern classics, to Mexican themed mariachi, and from electro-swing to ex-Sex Pistols, there was certainly something for everyone. 

Tuesday saw extended plugged-in sets (nominally 20 minute sets) in each of a variety of pubs around Hastings Old Town; hastily packing up and moving to the next audience, whilst the waiting one quickly sets up in their place, making for quick turn-arounds and never a dull moment.  Louder, longer gigs created a different kind of tension and atmosphere to the Saturday unplugged ones.

1 - Suncharmer - The London Trader
2 - Glen Matlock - The London Trader
3 - Cheap Dates - Porters
4 - Sister Suzie & The Right Band - The Jenny Lind Inn
5 - The Kiffs - The London Trader
6 - Longdaylatenight - The Lord Nelson
7 - Matilda's Scoundrels - The Lord Nelson

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