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Documenting a new life ~

18th February 2019, baby was safely delivered at 7lbs 4oz - mother and baby doing very well. 


beware these images are of an adult nature

I had long wanted to take photos of a pregnant lady to show how the changes on her body develop during the term of her pregnancy; both under normal circumstances and also using an infrared converted camera.  Using an infrared camera, the skin reflects light in a different way - the skin itself appears much smoother but also 'thinner', allowing one to see the veins underneath more clearly as these reflect the IR light rather than absorb it. The challenge with IR photography is that one doesn't know what the outcome of the photo will be until after processing - much like film processing.  Temperature of the body and surroundings will affect the resultant image as much as the processing of it will, so rarely will even 2 consecutive images appear the same. 
When a friend said he knew a lady who may be interested, we got to talking and she has kindly allowed me to document her term.
Below will show the changes to her body, during her pregnancy, starting at 10 weeks, last week of July 2018, through to birth in February 2019.  Images are shown in normal colour, faux/false colour infrared, and full b&w infrared - - now shown as a progression as sat, standing, faux colour and full black and white infrared.

Please scroll down to see the developments over the term.


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